1 Fixture, 4 Ways: Caress

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Today we’re continuing our “1 Fixture, 4 Ways” series with the Caress collection! All fixtures in the Caress collection display a chic, sophisticated design and feature glass diffusing shades that create glimmering light for any room in the home. Read on to see how Caress effortlessly complements and upgrades any design.

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A Glamorous Bedside Space: Decorative fixtures aren’t just for large rooms – choose a bold design like our Caress pendant to dress up the master bedroom!
Image courtesy of Micamy Design Studio

A Dazzling Kitchen Island: These Caress mini-pendants dress up a modern kitchen without distracting from the design.
Image courtesy of Toll Brothers

Make a Statement with an oversized chandelier in popular gathering areas for guests, such as the dining room.
Image courtesy of West Point Homes

Well Balanced: Pendants can be used in any room, and are often grouped over long tables or kitchen islands to balance out the space evenly!
Image courtesy of Dostie Homes
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