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How to live large in a small home: Lighting techniques and creative storage for homes with limited space

Lighting and Designing within Small Living Areas

When you’re short on space, creative storage solutions are a must to make your home feel comfortable and inviting. What you may not know is that how you illuminate your home also has a great impact on the perception of size and space. Managing space is an art form – and lighting is an imperative […]

One Fixture, Four Ways: Archie vintage pendants

Archie Vintage Pendant Lights

It’s time for another round of “One Fixture, Four Ways” – where we show you how our customers’ favorite collections transcend multiple design styles and applications. Today we’re taking an up close look at Archie – a family known for it’s vintage elements, knob and strap details and authentic style. We’ve taken hints from some […]

Why lighting outdoor areas is so important to aging-in-place design

How Outdoor Lighting Helps Aging in Place

Studies show that aging individuals desire a smaller home, but they want size when it comes to their backyards. A big reason for this is to provide privacy from neighbors. With bigger outdoor spaces, it’s important that these areas are well lit for visual appeal, but also to enhance safety and security. When designing an […]

4 benefits of under cabinet lighting (that you probably weren’t aware of)

4 Benefits of Undercabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is an easy, cost-effective way to add visual depth and task efficiency to your most-used workspaces in the home. Perfect for above kitchen countertops or under floor cabinets, the payback of installing under cabinet fixtures is quite significant. While you may be aware of the task applications of under cabinet lights (such […]

Welcome! 3 ways to create an inviting foyer with lighting

Inviting Entryway Lighting

First impressions are lasting – which is why it is important to greet your guests with beauty and sophistication as soon as they enter your home. A cluttered, poorly lit entryway can greatly affect the perceived value and design quality of the rest of your home. Ensure that friends, family and visitors are warmly welcomed […]

Layered Lighting 101: How to properly light a room for both style and function

Layered Lighting 101 Article

Lighting has the ability to make or break the look and feel of your home. Without the right lighting – focal points, architectural details, unique textures and even colors can be lost, overlooked or nullified. The key to a good lighting plan is a layered approach that combines three types of light: Ambient, task and accent […]

Idea Board: A soothing master bathroom inspired by the sea

Soothing Master Bathroom Ideas

Imagine that every time you step into your master bathroom, the cares of the day behind and the day ahead melt away as you are greeted with the soft, soothing tones and elements of a calm misty day by the sea. We took a few hints from our friends at Stephen Alexander Homes – and […]

A day in the life of a designer

A Day In the Life of a Lighting Designer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a career in design? Casual Living recently took an up-close-and-personal look at the life of Senior Product Designer James Thomas. And now, we get to reap the benefits of that interview by sharing all the details with you! From his morning routine to sources […]