3 new ways to use tape lighting

Tape and strip lights bring design flexibility, efficiency and beauty to your home lighting plan. Designed with LED sources, strip lights offer optimum efficiency to meet your green design goals. Read on to learn 3 new ways you can incorporate the versatile tape light to enhance your home’s functionality and beauty.

Use LED tape lighting:

1. To illuminate counter workspaces: The cuttable strip also allows you to position lights to perfectly fit your space. Create smooth, seamless illumination above counter areas to help you complete everyday tasks such as reading recipes, chopping ingredients or doing homework.

Image courtesy of Southern Studio Interior Design
Image courtesy of Southern Studio Interior Design

2. To enhance safety in home walking areas: LED strip lights can also be placed under cabinets, just a few inches above the floor to better illuminate paths. This is a great application for aging-in-place design because as we age, it gets more difficult to distinguish walkways and obstacles due to changes in vision.

3. To add drama with cove lighting: Complete with 3M adhesive backing and mounting clips, tape light installation is easier than ever – making it an ideal application for those hard to reach spaces. Easily customizable to fit unique spaces, tape lights work well to provide dramatic cove lighting to enhance the interior architectural beauty of your home.

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