3 outdoor living trends worth illuminating

Outdoor Living Trends | Toll Brothers

Although summer is coming to a close and the fall season is just around the corner, the outdoor living season is still alive and well. In many areas of the country, the fall weather makes outdoor living even more appealing. The key is to make sure you incorporate a lighting design that will allow you to extend the season and continue to enjoy exterior areas even as the days get shorter.

Outdoor Living Trends | Toll Brothers
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For more details on why you should consider updating your outdoor lighting plan, here are 5 reasons.  Today, we’re focusing on key trends and activities worth illuminating. Here’s how people are getting the most out of their outdoor areas:

  • Play ground to patio:  Homeowners that once wanted a place for their children to play, now want a patio entertainment area. A space that lends itself to entertaining with food and drink – whether an outdoor pizza oven or bar – will quickly become the hub of your outdoor area.
  • Separate space: Whether low walls or landscaping, people want their primary outdoor living space to be separate from the rest of the yard.
  • Grilling stations: Outdoor areas have turned into a destination for people to unwind and relax after work. Grilling stations have played into the “staycation” trend, in which homeowners are seeking to incorporate “livable luxury” into their everyday lives.

What trends are you seeing in outdoor living?