3 reasons we (and our customers) love Archie

Archie has continued to rank among our most-loved and top selling collections for years. Archie’s characteristic vintage style and timeless nature have also made it a growing family – now available in a range of finishes and designs for multiple interior applications. ┬áSo, what is it about Archie that keeps our customers coming back for more? Read on to find out.

Archie by Progress Lighting

1. Authentic Style

Archie brings a vintage, industrial flair to interior settings. The collection’s distinctive double prismatic glass adds visual interest as its crisscross pattern comes to life when illuminated.

Archie by Progress Lighting | Stephen Alexander Homes and Neighborhoods
Archie by Progress Lighting | Stephen Alexander Homes and Neighborhoods

2. Design Versatlity

Archie has expanded to include fixtures that can light any room of the home. Available in chandelier, pendant, mini-pendant, sconce and bath and vanity form – Archie transcends a multitude of interior areas. Additionally, Archie is available in an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish – for a warm, rustic appeal, as well as Polished Chrome – for a splash of contemporary style ideal for transitional decor.

Archie by Progress Lighting

3. Timeless Appeal

Homeowners, builders and designers don’t have to worry about Archie going out of style – it’s year over year track record has proven that Archie’s timeless design will brighten today’s most on-trend interiors for years to come. Archie can be adapted to fit a variety of design tastes – from contemporary to traditional.

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