4 tips to upgrade your bedroom decor

Turn your bedroom into your very own personal sanctuary. With some easy design upgrades, make this room your favorite space in the house, and the perfect place to unwind and recharge.

Some easy bedroom decorating tips include:

  • Use a layered lighting approach: Blanket you’re bedroom in layers of light. Varying your fixtures, such as bedside wall sconces for reading or a chandelier for overall illumination, adds comfort with both functional and aesthetic benefits.
Tip #1: Layered lighting. Featured collection: Savannah
  • Use pattern and color to set the mood: Incorporate bright colors and fun patterns to add energy and cheer to your bedroom. Use a soft color palette with subtle patterns for a more relaxed, soothing environment. Our Bingo collection allows you to customize your fixture – so you can easily switch out fabric with new patterns and colors to match your style of the season!
Tip #2: Use pattern to add interest. Featured collection: Bingo
  • Use lighting to create a focal point: Adding an elegant fixture such as a chandelier creates an interesting focal point for your bedroom. Waking up and shutting your eyes to beautiful design? What could be better!
Tip #3: Add a focal point. Featured collection: Ashbury
  • Create a master suite by unifying your bathroom: By carrying colors and design themes into your bathroom, your personal space will feel bigger. Use similar accessories and finishes to connect these two rooms for a full, relaxed suite. Progress Lighting makes it easy with a variety of fixtures that coordinate throughout the home.
Tip #4: Create a master suite. Featured collection: Helium

What was once a place to solely to sleep, will now be a peaceful haven where you love to linger. To view the full collections pictured above, visit www.progressdesign.wpengine.com.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens, Top Bedroom Decorating Tips

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