5 easy ways to enhance curb appeal

Update your home’s outdoor appearance by putting your dollars toward a few simple projects that make a world of difference. Make your guests feel welcomed before they even reach the front door.

Illuminate walkways

Curb appeal doesn’t have to end when the sun sets. Path lights can be used to improve safety, highlight key elements of a landscape and dramatically improve nighttime appeal.

Image featuring Progress Lighting Mission path lights

Create an inviting porch space

If you have a larger porch, create a clutter-free, small outdoor room next to the front door. This can serve as a cozy nook, ideal for unwinding after a long day or connecting with friends.

Image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

Incorporate color into your decor scheme

Adding a fresh layer of paint on shutters and doors for an updated look can make a big difference. Or, simply add a chair with a patterned pillow to brighten up the front of your home.

Image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

Add a statement light fixture

Hang a large lantern above your front door, or a post lantern at the front of your walkway. The illumination will improve security, while bringing a new bold look to the front of your home.

Image featuring Progress Lighting Resort lanterns

Hang a wreath

Don’t underestimate the power of wreaths! Easily changed out from season to season, the design possibilities are endless with wreaths and can add a beautiful decor element.

Image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

For more ideas to enhance curb appeal, read “Curb Appeal on a Dime” on Better Homes and Gardens.

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