5 questions to ask for the best home lighting

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your current home decor? Is the wall decor or color scheme you originally chose not what you thought it would be? Before you change out the furniture, paint your walls or upgrade your floors, it’s important to make sure your lighting plan is one that complements your home’s current set-up and style. Without the right lighting – focal points, architectural details, unique textures and even colors can be lost, overlooked or nullified. Lighting has the ability to make or break the entire look and feel of your home – and the potential to transform your space from blah to beautiful.

Properly assess your current lighting plan by asking yourself these 5 questions.

Question 1: Am I lighting in layers?

Clayton linear chandelier above kitchen island. Toll Brothers.

Layered lighting helps you provide light where you need it (through task and accent lighting), while accounting for the general illumination of your space. A layered lighting approach considers using direct light for areas for completing everyday activities (such as the way pendant or under cabinet lighting provides functional lighting to kitchen countertops) – as well as general light sources (such as recessed lights, chandeliers or a close-to-ceiling fixture) to create ambiance.

Question 2: Do my fixture styles further the design of my home?

Outdated lighting fixtures certainly affect the perceived value and beauty of your home. The right lighting not only furthers the design of your home, but can also be taken a step further to where it even serves as a beautiful focal point. Statement fixtures can transform a room into a welcoming and well-designed environment. Installing fixtures that are in-style and correlate with your current design and color scheme is a cost-effective way to revive your favorite rooms.

Question 3: Am I using lighting in unexpected places?

Positioning fixtures in new and unexpected ways can breathe life into your home environment. Have you ever thought of adding a dazzling chandelier to your bathroom? Or, positioning statement pendants around your living room?

Question 4: Have I installed dimmers?

A quick dimmer installation can have a profound impact on your home – especially in areas intended for entertaining or relaxing. Consider installing dimmers in “zones” so you can control different areas of the same room to cater to activities in those spaces.

Question 5: Is my lighting focused?

Accent lights can also add visual interest to your space – a spotlight on a unique wall texture or sculpture can further add to the overall design of your room.

All images courtesy of Toll Brothers, Progress Lighting partner and builder of luxury home communities in spectacular locations nationwide.

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