5 Rooms You’d Never Expect to Find Glamorous Lighting – And Why It Works

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5 Rooms You’d Never Expect to Find Glamorous Lighting – And Why It Works

[/su_column] [/su_row] [su_row] [su_column size=”1″] Once reserved primarily for formal dining rooms and grand entryways – glamorous lighting fixtures are expanding their horizons. It is commonly said that “lighting is the jewelry of the home.” In the same way that a statement necklace can instantaneously jazz up an otherwise bland outfit, lighting has the ability to completely transform a space. Even the most ordinary of spaces.

One way to make your home stand out from the rest is to adorn certain areas with unexpected light fixtures that are characterized by elegance and sophistication. These five rooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorative lighting – but they could use some rethinking. Here’s why:
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Room #1: The Mudroom

The mudroom is the passageway from the exterior of your home to its interior – meaning, this room plays a key role in establishing first impressions. Greet guests with a sophisticated style that introduces them to the quality of design carried through the rest of the house. As a workspace, functionality is key for the mudroom. A large pendant or bright chandelier adds visual appeal while serving as a great source for ambient light.

Project by Stephen Alexander Homes (stephenalexanderhomes.com) | Cuddle Pendant

Design Tip! Find more bright ideas for lighting your mudroom here.
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Room #2: The Hallway

Regarded as a space merely for transition, the hallway is often overlooked as a primary area for design opportunity. However, in an open-concept home – hallways may be the perfect stage for a sparkling chandelier (or two) that can be seen easily from other rooms.

Image courtesy of Toll Brothers | Project by Possibilities for Design | Noir Chandelier
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Room #3: The Closet

As an important room for determining your own personal wardrobe, a large walk-in closet should be designed to inspire. You’ll love starting your day beneath a gorgeous chandelier. Select a fixture that merges both casual and upscale elements to complete the fusion of the ordinary and extraordinary.

Image courtesy of Kolter Homes | Bliss Chandelier
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Room #4: The Garage

The garage can be converted into so much more than a place for storing cars and garden tools. Whether used as a workshop, wet bar or workout area – you deserve a space that shines. A close-to-ceiling fixture helps conserve vertical space while making a big aesthetic impact.

As seen on Property Brothers | Bingo Close-to-Ceiling
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Room #5: The Children’s Bedroom

For the girly-girl who loves sparkles and princesses (and everything in between) – there’s no better way to dress up her room than with a chandelier that glistens and glitters. For a boy’s bedroom, consider a display of industrial-inspired pendants with a more masculine appeal.

Image courtesy of Toll Brothers | Project by Possibilities for Design | Nissé Chandelier
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