5 Things to Cross off your Home Checklist this November

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5 Things to Cross off your Home Checklist this November

[/su_column] [/su_row] [su_row] [su_column size=”1/1″] If you follow Houzz on any social channels, you’ve probably seen their monthly home checklists! Today we’re sharing their tips on the most important things to check off your list in November. If you have a free weekend coming up, plan a day to tackle these 6 items:

1. Make sure your linens and china or tableware is all prepared for any upcoming holiday gatherings! Wash and iron anything you know you’ll want to use for these special occasions, so you don’t have to worry about it later.

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Project completed by Arthur Rutenberg Homes featuring Cantata chandelier.

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Project completed by Toll Brothers featuring Nissé chandelier.

2. Deep clean all bathrooms now, or go ahead and schedule a time to thoroughly scrub and disinfect all surfaces. When the day of the event arrives, go through each bathroom and wipe counters through once more.
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Project completed by Vicki Payne featuring Cadence outdoor lanterns.

3. Rake all leaves from the yard and clean gutters as the last leaves are falling. This will also help prepare you for winter and the cold weather to come.
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Project completed by Arthur Rutenberg Homes.

4. Stock up on gear and supplies you’ll need for the winter season. This includes shovels and ice scrapers for extreme weather, firewood, and any needed items for emergency kits. After the business of the holidays, you’ll be thankful you took these measures before winter officially kicked in!
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Project completed by Beazer Homes.

5. Check paths, stairs and railings for safety and sturdiness. Make sure to replace any pathway lights outside, as well as any burned out bulbs inside the home so your family and friends feel welcome and cared for!
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