5 unexpected ways to light your bathroom

The trend to transform bathrooms into a place of escape, recharge and relaxation has penetrated the home improvement market. As a functional lighting source with unparalleled versatility, the traditional bath and vanity fixture isn’t disappearing any time soon; However, there are new ways trending in home fashion to beautifully illuminate your bathroom.

For the designer and homeowner wishing to breathe some unexpected creativity into your home’s design, here are 5 unexpected solutions to bathroom lighting that you probably hadn’t thought of…

1. Unexpected elegance.

Add a statement chandelier crowned with shades and adorned with glass beads for a glamorous solution that adds to your bathroom’s luxurious design. Image featuring our Nissé collection.

2. Unexpected pairings.

For spaces with high ceilings, bring the light down to your level with pendant lighting. If you’re loving more than one design, the good news is, you don’t have to choose just one! Combine your favorite designs for an unexpected – and beautiful – lighting solution at the sink. Image featuring our glass pendants, Kiss and Modera collections.

3. Unexpected relaxation.

Place a chandelier above the tub for the perfect atmosphere for a soothing soak. An elegant chandelier creates a space to unwind after a long and stressful day. Pair with some candles and sconces for the ultimate retreat. Project completed by Mary DeWalt Design Group – featuring our Nissé collection.

4. Unexpected boldness.

Large-scale lighting fixtures are trending in home fashion. Position a large pendant above a sink area for functional task lighting that makes an undeniable statement. Image featuring our Markor collection.

5. Unexpected functionality.

Recessed lighting fixtures contribute to a warm and inviting setting in your layered lighting design. A trend toward energy efficient sources – fit for the shower – is big for 2014. Wet-located options by Progress Lighting, available with LED sources, bring maximum value to homeowners through a combination of efficiency, aesthetics and functionality.

What are some other unexpected ways to illuminate your bathroom setting?

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