5 ways to beautify your home office space and work smarter, not harder

Studies show that the design of your office space actually can have an affect on your mood, energy and even work productivity. If you have the freedom to work from home, the style and decor of your home office is about more than just preference – it can directly impact your workplace success! Here are some things to keep in mind when designing around your desk:

Toll Brothers Office featuring Piedmont
Image courtesy of Toll Brothers featuring Piedmont pendant
  • + Eclectic Details: Eclectic pieces offer a wonderful freedom of expression that can achieve vibrant individuality. There are no rules, but pay attention to line, proportion and scale in order to create pleasing unity. The captivating display of bright accent pieces on shelves and the use of a graphic rug amps up the visual appeal of this office space.
  • + Leather: A leather wing chair next to a sunny window is irresistible – and it works for both modern and traditional furnishings.
  • + Wood: Beautifully detailed and finished wood never loses its appeal. These graceful shelves are not only rich, but their structure promotes an organized environment that helps you get down to business.
  • + Sunlight: Natural light promotes a healthy and welcoming work environment, and can help boost energy and mood.
  • + Unexpected Lighting: Your creativity doesn’t have to stop with furniture, rugs and accent decor. Lighting can be a work of art in itself. Our classic Piedmont lantern creates a unique and comforting vibe.