5 ways to lower your energy bill

Summer is that one season where almost everyone begins to (begrudgingly) notice their energy bills. The good news is that there are some really easy, practical ways that you can help lower those bills, with little sacrifice to your lifestyle. Read on for 5 money-saving tips.

Tip #5 might just be our best tip yet - brought to you by our partners at Beazer Homes.

1. Identify and remove devices that use power even when they are turned off.

According to Duke Energy, these devices can account for a total of 20 percent of your electric bill. Examples include cell phone chargers, standby coffee makers, DVD players and video game consoles.

2. Use ceiling fans.

Believe it or not, ceiling fans can account for significant energy savings. They can also be used year-round to cool down or warm up a room, and give your main heating/cooling unit a needed break. More on the benefits of ceiling fans.

3. Incorporate energy efficient lighting.

Progress Lighting offers a variety of LED and CFL lighting options that can reduce both energy and maintenance costs. The ROI of these sources are worth the switch. View our most energy efficient LED options.

4. Improve your washer/dryer habits.

Wash your clothes in full loads with cold water. Don’t over dry loads, and remove from the dryer as soon as the cycle is complete to eliminate the need for ironing. Remember to clean the lint filter after every load to reduce drying times.

5. Enter Beazer Homes’ Energy Bill Match Up Contest.

For your chance to secure your LOWEST energy bill yet, Beazer Homes is offering to pay your July gas and/or electric bill compared to a new energy efficient Beazer Home. You could be one of three winners. Enter before August 31 for your chance to win.

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