6 lighting tips for aging vision

Our friends at Enlightenment magazine recently published the article “Brightening the Home for Seniors,” which explains the specific lighting needs of older individuals.

As we age, we need a different quality of light – higher light levels without glare. We are also much more sensitive to changing light levels and our circadian rhythms are more dependent on illumination throughout the day. Based on these facts, we learned six tips for choosing and placing lighting in homes with senior inhabitants:

  1. Design interior spaces – including hallways – with uniform lighting in mind
  2. Conceal lighting bulbs/tubes from view
  3. Incorporate layers of light
  4. Choose sources with good color rendering
  5. Task lighting should have a high light level and be adjustable in position
  6. Avoid light sources that cause glare (i.e. halogen)

Want to learn more? We’ll discuss lighting for universal design and aging-in-place during the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas later this month. If you’re attending, be sure to stop by the Progress Lighting booth (#C3526).

LED downlights, such as our P8071 fixture, are ideal for seniors because they rarely need replacement and operate at a very low temperature.

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