Approachable Luxury Characterizes HGTV Show Home

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Approachable Luxury Characterizes HGTV Show Home

When asked what the overall design intent was for his work in an HGTV show home – interior designer Nile Johnson responded confidently, “approachable luxury.” Tasked with making over a home, start-to-finish, on the popular HGTV series Showhouse Showdown, Nile’s goal was to portray a luxuriously casual feel.

Shown: Progress Lighting AirPro fans | Design by Nile Johnson

“People have rooms in their homes that they never go into because they are so beautiful,” explained Nile. “I tried to make this house really luxurious to look at, but also approachable. I mixed high and low elements, from materials to brands.”

Rewind to several months earlier – where Nile’s involvement with HGTV started with a flash of hope, a moment of brilliance and a leap of faith – all at 3:00 in the morning. Nile applied for the HGTV show home project (in the wee hours of the morning) after a Facebook friend encouraged him to give it a try. At the time, having just started his own interior design business, Nile didn’t expect a response. But Nile’s experience wasn’t a deterrent – the HGTV team contacted him almost immediately after viewing his portfolio.

In styling the home, Nile decided on a neutral color scheme as the home’s backdrop – so people could imagine themselves adding things into the space to make it their own. Progress Lighting fixtures were used throughout the home to bring each room to life.

“Progress Lighting has so much to choose from. I could use really interesting pieces – or, really classic pieces in an interesting way,” said Nile. “There are so many options that enhanced the design, but didn’t dominate the design.”

Shown: Piedmont lanterns by Progress Lighting | Design by Nile Johnson

“People thought I was nuts when I wanted to use those [Piedmont] lanterns in the kitchen. But that got such an amazing reaction,” exclaimed Nile. “People [who see my photos] are always asking about those pendants over the island.”

A striking landing serves as the home’s entryway. Equinox is the focal point of the room that Nile affectionately referred to as his favorite space in the home.

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[/su_column] [su_column size=”3/5″] “That pendant. I really love the way it comes together with the striped wall,” shared Nile. “The position of the orb against the horizontal lines looks so cool. The entry is literally the introduction to your space – it tells the visitor what to expect.”

Although the HGTV show home was a thrill, Nile admitted that his favorite part of his job is bringing a client’s vision to life.

“[I enjoy] helping a client see something they never thought could happen – and helping them get the end result they thought was unattainable,” Nile said.

For more information on Nile Johnson’s projects – browse his gorgeous work on Houzz. And don’t forget to catch Progress Lighting on HGTV!

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