A Guide to Finding Your Next Energy Efficient Home, via Synergy Homes

In the market for an energy smart home? The search can seem overwhelming: from efficiency to aesthetic design, there are a host of details to consider. The good news is that finding your dream home doesn’t have to be complicated. Our friends at Synergy Homes have 6 easy steps to follow… all the way to your new doorstep.

1. Look at energy efficient home models. You likely have an idea of what you like and don’t like in terms of an energy efficient home. Seeing architectural features, windows, lighting, and other elements “in person” instead of via plans or pictures is essential in guiding your decision.

2. Choose a builder with company partnerships. This can help you save on a range of other elements. Synergy Homes partners with Progress Lighting, for instance, allowing for high quality lighting designs and systems to be planned and implemented right from the start. This is crucial from energy efficiency and aesthetic design standpoints.

3. Stay within your budget. We all know a range of perfect homes that extend far past our ability to buy them. Build or buy what you know you can afford. Environmental sustainability should go hand-in-hand with financial sustainability.


4. Don’t forget about location. Often, people fall for dream houses in an area they wouldn’t otherwise want to live. Maybe it’s too far from work and schools, or the city lacks the amenities you want or need. A good house includes a good location — and “good” is defined by you.

5. Have the home inspected. A home inspector will give you a straightforward opinion about the home, as well as a value estimate. This is money well spent.

6. Think custom. Custom homebuilders can translate the vision you have of the “ideal” home into reality. Energy efficient home models can give you a good idea what custom homebuilders can achieve. You can opt for one of these gorgeous houses, or use them as a starting point for your own inspiration.

By teaming up with expert partners like Progress Lighting, Synergy Homes can ensure that finding your new energy efficient home is as easy as possible — and that your new home lives up to every expectation.

*All images courtesy of Synergy Homes