Designer Spotlight: Anne Rue Interiors

Today we’re shining our Designer Spotlight on Anne of Anne Rue Interiors! Anne Rue Interiors is Central Florida’s premier design firm specializing in high-end residential, senior housing, and turnkey vacation home interior design as well as model home merchandising. Anne has been the face of inspired living spaces for nearly 20 years. Her work and passion go hand-in-hand as she and her team focus on the simplification of life through design.

Anne has been using Progress Lighting for years, and we wanted to catch up with her on some of her newest projects! Read on to see these incredible spaces from Anne’s designer perspective.

Can you share some background behind recent projects featuring Progress Lighting? What was the vision/design intent throughout the spaces?

We just designed 4 model homes, all with different motifs behind them and Progress Lighting was able to provide us with every style we needed – the wide selection of lighting gives us options for any design we work on. I have used Progress for years, but I am loving the new products for the updated modern home! They match the clean contemporary designs in model homes, while playing the role of that fun, standout element in a room.

What is unique about these spaces?

I always customize my projects to be different from one another, especially when designing model homes. It’s really fun to get to come up with four unique designs in one project that will appeal to all different tastes!

How was lighting used to bring the vision to life?

Lighting is always a big factor in the design process! Having the correct lighting makes all the difference in bringing a room together. Imagine adding that perfect piece of jewelry to complete your outfit. That is what lighting and unique fixtures do for a room.

Courtesy of Anne Rue Interiors; Spicewood chandelier shown.

Are there any areas in particular that you feel lighting really “stole the show”? Why?

The dining room is always about the chandelier, and in my opinion a master bedroom must have one as well! You will see that in any of my most recently shared projects there is a fabulous chandelier that steals the show and sets the tone for the entire room.

Courtesy of Anne Rue Interiors; Piedmont lanterns shown.

What trends do you see on the horizon that you are excited to embrace?

I like that you can mix finishes when it comes to lighting. For example, you don’t have to use a chrome finish all through the house to be able to incorporate chrome with a light fixture.

Do you think the end result conveyed the “story” behind your design? Why or why not?

Yes, I do! We definitely have a specific vision for each room, such as the living room shown below that features some retro elements (one of our really popular models we’ve recently shared on our Instagram). We incorporated the gold Penn pendants above the island and some retro color pops that give it the touch of nostalgia we wanted, while still seamlessly blending with the modern elements.

Courtesy of Anne Rue Interiors; Penn pendants, Draper chandelier shown.

What do you love most about your work?

All of it! I have always had a love for design, from architecture, to fabrics, to floorplans, so the creative process is of course enjoyable, but my favorite part is always revealing the end product and seeing how excited a client is.

Thank you Progress Lighting, for being a part of our designs for so many years, and we can’t wait to continue exploring your products as we grow!

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