Lighting for Accessibility, via PDI Kitchen, Bath & Lighting

Common Lighting Issues for Seniors
Common concerns among seniors in wheelchairs are floaters and the glare of home lighting. To avoid light shining directly into the eyes of loved ones who may be in wheelchairs or have physical ailments that put them at lower levels, apply lighting at lower heights and incorporate reduced glare options in baths like the Callison 3-Light Bath by Progress Lighting to resolve those issues.

Another factor to consider is our aging eyesight. As mentioned by Lamps USA, in the article 25 Lighting Tips Every Senior Must Know, our aging eyesight needs 2-6 times more light than it did when we were younger. Increasing the amount of ambient light will allow for a more even disbursement around the entire room. Adding dimmers to a room could be of great benefit to seniors, as they can increase the brightness of a room when they need to and dial it down when they’re ready to relax or get some rest.

Lighting for Navigation and Safety
To assist seniors as they move about at night and to possibly cut down on falling hazards, consider adding step lights like the LED option shown above by Progress Lighting. As mentioned in Shining Light on LEDs: Incorporating LEDs into Your Home Design, these fixtures won’t compromise your style and décor and can be added to provide extra illumination to your walkways, stairs, the sides of a kitchen island, and wherever else you need extra lighting.

Layering Lighting Pieces
To brighten task areas, consider adding extra lighting under cabinets like the Xenon Undercabinet fixture by Progress Lighting, on the sides of mirrors in your bathrooms, as well as, pairing LED and pendant options in various rooms, to make a significant impact.

Hopefully these tips will be beneficial to you in your next new construction or remodel project. It’s always a great idea to plan for the next 15 to 20 years when it comes to selecting your lighting and accessibility needs. As we age, these factors are critical to our overall safety and wellness. For assistance in your next lighting venture, shop great Progress Lighting finds at PDI Kitchen, Bath & Lighting!