Lighting Trends for Custom Home Building, via Synergy Homes

Homes can date themselves quickly if you aren’t careful with your design choices. People keep this in mind when choosing many aspects of home design, but they often overlook it when it comes to lighting trends. Some are timeless and will last long into the future, while others start to show their age. Which lighting trends will still look clean and modern decades from now? Keep reading for insight provided by our friends at Synergy Homes!

Pendant Lights. These elegant beauties stand out, acting as centerpieces for your space. Pendant lights feel timeless precisely because they hearken back to a classical style. Yet their bold, intentional design can be paired with simple shapes and quality glasswork to stand out. Best of all, encapsulation in glass means that many pendant lights brighten up an entire space rather than being spotlighted down on a particular area. This can make a space feel larger than it is.

Geometric Chandeliers. These chandeliers play with concepts of wireframe models. They playfully interject ideas of structure and symmetry into a space. Custom home builders know they’re best used in larger rooms with sparse decoration. Here, their pronounced and unexpected design is made all the more impressive against the negative space around them. It can give you the impression that these lights are moving or shifting while they are still; it’s an incredibly dynamic effect.

LED Lights. This is less about an aesthetic and more about efficiency. Energy efficient model home lighting is trending toward LED integration for energy and cost savings. Model home lighting shows they can be employed in any style and brighten a room with less energy cost than more traditional forms of lighting.

Modern Farmhouse. What’s old is new again, seemingly perpetually. Custom home builders see that a great deal of lighting is influenced and informed by antique mechanical designs. Thus we see more glass lanterns with exaggerated framing or knobs, or lighting that pronounces instead of hides its sockets and fixtures. Mechanical components are slightly exaggerated in the modern farmhouse style. The straightforward design is inviting in a world that isn’t always so straightforward.

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