Budget-Friendly Tips for Green Living

Getting on board with green living can be easy but costly at the same time.  Thanks to Re-Nest and HGTV Remodels, we found these 5 quick tips for remodeling your home green.  Both budget and eco-friendly, we hope you find these tips helpful!

1.  Reduce your air conditioning bill by avoiding east and west facing windows.

2. Landscape using native plants, as they won’t require as much irrigation.

3. Use exposed areas of your home, such as wooden beams, as design elements.

4. To avoid the possibilities of mold, opt for uncovered wooden or concrete floors instead of carpet.

5. Switch to water efficient equipment to both save on costs and conserve this natural resource.

To all of our budget-savvy readers, do you have any other tips to add?  We would love to hear them!

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