Ceiling Fan Buying Guide: How to select the perfect ceiling fan in 5 easy steps

Trevina Fan and Living Room Lighting

Ceiling fans are a practical and efficient solution for creating a comfortable and welcoming living area. Ideal for great rooms, bedrooms and outdoor patios, ceiling fans exceed purely functional benefits – and can also add a beautiful décor element to your home. With many styles, functions and features to choose from, narrowing down the choices can be a challenge. Read on for 5 tips for selecting the perfect ceiling fan for your home.

Trevina Fan and Living Room Lighting
Trevina Fan by Progress Lighting
  1. Get your height right

You want to allow at least 7 feet from the floor to the bottom of the fan, with 8 or 9 feet being the ideal above-floor placement. For lower ceilings, consider a ceiling fan with a low profile to avoid disturbing inhabitants. Most ceiling fans come equipped with a down rod to help you get your height right.

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  1. Explore indoor vs. outdoor uses

Fans provide a breezy setting for reading a book or catching up with friends, making them ideal for outdoor rooms. However, it’s important to consider the certifications on the fan depending on the use. For high-humidity areas, choose a UL-Listed fan for Damp Locations – and for spaces that will be exposed to weather, choose a UL-Listed fan for Wet Locations.

For interior use in dry spaces with minimal condensation, select a UL-Listed fan for Dry Locations. For high-humidity areas, choose a UL-Listed fan for Damp Locations.

Image courtesy of Kolter Homes featuring Progress Lighting AirPro fan
Image courtesy of Kolter Homes featuring Progress Lighting AirPro fan
  1. Size it to your space

Size is really important when selecting your ceiling fan. If a fan is too large, it can overwhelm the space. On the flip side, if the fan is too small, the airflow may be inadequate for that area. The American Lighting Association suggests the following fan sizes compared to square footage:

  • Up to 75 sq. ft. à 36 inches or less
  • 75-144 sq. ft. à 36-42 inches
  • 144-225 sq. ft à 44-40 inches
  • 225-400 sq. ft à 50-54 inches

Air Pro ceiling fan by Progress Lighting

  1. Choose the features 

There are many different features to choose from when browsing ceiling fans.

  • Did you know that ceiling fans can be used in both the winter and summer months? Select a fan with reversible blades for the option to circulate cool or warm air.
  • To save energy, consider an Energy Star rated fixture for your green design goals.
  • For a layered lighting design, complete your room’s lighting plan by installing a light kit or selecting a fan with a pre-installed fixture.

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  1. Settle on style

Once you’ve nailed down the size and application of your fan, it’s time for the fun part – choosing a style that complements your home décor. Consider fan shape and finish to help you meet your room’s design needs. Choose from traditional, transitional, coastal or contemporary styles.