Ceiling Fans: A simple solution for winter warmth and efficiency

Fall is definitely in the air! The temperature in now in the 50’s at our headquarters in Greenville, S.C., which looks like cooler weather is here to stay.

With all the hype of conserving energy while saving money today, you might be wondering how you can reduce your heating bill during the winter months. Have you ever thought about changing the direction of your ceiling fan to make the rooms of your home warmer?

Almost every home has a ceiling fan in at least one room. Typically, they are used to help cool down a room and keep the air flowing with a counter- clockwise blade direction. However, fans can also keep a room warm when the direction of the blades is reversed.

Most ceiling fans have a small switch above the blades labeled “warming and cooling” or “forward and reverse.” If your ceiling fan tells you which is the warming setting, you have an easy fix! However, if it reads the latter of the two, you will have to decide which setting you need.

To begin, turn the fan on at a slow speed, and take note of which way the blades are spinning. If your blades are spinning to the right, then your fan is blowing clockwise. If it’s going to the left, your fan is blowing counter-clockwise. Here’s the difference:

Clockwise: This direction is used during the cooler months as it makes a room warmer by creating a draft that pushes warm air to the ceiling, along the walls and into the room. You will not feel much of a breeze in this setting.

Counter-Clockwise: This direction is used during the warmer half of the year as it makes a room cooler. By blowing the air downward, you will be able to feel a draft directly from the ceiling fan.

Try out this simple switch to help your central heating and air conditioning systems. It will help you save energy and stay cozy inside your home.

Source: Home Improvements Blog: “Ceiling Fan Direction Makes A Room Cooler or Warmer”

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