Changes to PAR and R lamp regulations – What you need to know

Chances are, you’ve heard about the new lighting regulations behind the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act – also referred to as the “incandescent bulb ban.” While the program does affect the traditional, iconic lightbulb, new rules are on the horizon for other popular lighting sources.

As noted by our friends at the American Lighting Association, PAR and R lamps – which have a screw base and use standard incandescent or halogen sources – will undergo efficiency requirements starting this Saturday, July 14, 2012. Here’s a quick summary of the new regulations:

  • After this date, PAR, R and BR lamps must be approximately 20 percent more efficient
  • As with other regulated luminaries, lamps already made may be sold. However, non-qualifying regulated lamps cannot be manufactured or imported after July 14, 2012.

Do you use PAR, R or BR lamps in your home? If so, are you looking forward to having more efficient options to choose from, or are you satisfied with your current lighting?

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