Color temperatures and applications

Most of us know that there are different lighting fixtures for different uses. Task lighting, mood lighting and general lighting all play roles in residential and commercial environments.

But lighting also plays a big part in how we view other items in the home or office. And it’s important to view items – such as carpet, wall coverings and other accessories – under different color temperatures to know how they will be perceived in their respective applications.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Warm light is great for intimate experiences in environments, such as restaurants or boutiques.
  • Cool light is ideal for friendly and inviting areas, such as reception desks or showrooms.
  • Daylight provides bright light and replicates sunlight – and is mostly found in areas like museums, galleries and medical offices.

So, what does your lighting design say about your environment? ┬áTake notice the next time you walk into a store or office and ask yourself, “Is this the intended effect?” You might be surprised what you find!

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