Congratulations to Match Maker Contest winner Suzanne Burnett!

Progress Lighting recently hosted the exclusive Match Maker Contest on Pinterest, and we are excited to officially announce the winner!

We were impressed by Suzanne Burnett’s choices in lighting fixtures and images of her dream home. As her “Match Maker board explains, “I think lighting is very important in a house. Especially for me. I live in the Pacific Northwest where you can go months on end without bright natural sunlight. So what I pick is important to me. The lights in my house I can’t say I am crazy about. I am satisfied with about a third of them. I am in a dilemma about my parlor, foyer and great room. I have always wanted something more than functional but also with a little pizzazz. So I went looking for it…..”

Suzanne went above and beyond the contest requirements by explaining how each Progress Lighting fixture she selected would beautify her home.¬†As a result, Suzanne will win three of the fixtures she “pinned” as part of the contest!

Please join us in giving a big congratulations to Suzanne!

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