Customer Support Appreciation Day Event

At Progress Lighting, our mission is to help our customers find the lighting solution that meets their needs. And we can’t do that without our employees who ensure that our customers get what they need in a way that is easy and enjoyable for them.

Recently, we set aside time to recognize and to celebrate those employees who work hard every day of the year to support our customers.

“As a team, we provide superior support every day to our valued customers,” said Alan Bristol, Director, Customer Support for Progress Lighting. “It is nice to have a day where we show our employees how much we appreciate them for all the hard work they do to support Progress Lighting and Hubbell.”

And we had a great time doing it! The theme was Rio de Janeiro Carnival, and there were games, food, and even a Progress Lighting Carnival Parade. Our customer support staff was divided up into nine teams and named after exotic birds: Flamingos, Toucans, Honeyeaters, Cockatoos, Kingfishers, Kakapos, Macaws, Hummingbirds, and Parrots.

The float contest was the highlight of the day. Each team designed a float using a plain cardboard box, a package of tissue paper, and a gallon size bag of supplies such as pipe cleaners, feathers, eyes, and glue. A panel of management team members judged the entries for the best overall design and awarded first place to the Honeyeaters team of Mary Reeder, Lynn McIntosh, Ellen Lovelace, Phil Njoh, and Lewis Chapman.

And there were games: “Pin the Crystal on the Fixture” “Put the Lime in the Coconut”, “Shake your Tail Feathers”, “Piece it Together”, “Put a Ring on It”, and lastly, “Be Bright”, which required each team member to try to name as many of the Progress Lighting fixture families on the sheet as possible in one minute.  Each team accumulated points, with first place going to the Parrots, second place to the Flamingos, and third place to the Toucans.  Prizes included beach towels, beach towel chair clips, beach cup holders, and a Progress Lighting logo cup.  Alan Bristol also donated a $250 certificate towards a light fixture purchase, which was won this year by Ramona Trincado.

“I appreciate the company supporting this event. It is a team-building project for the committee members each year,” said Susan Suttles, Customer Service Manager for Progress Lighting. “It brings a day of fun activities for everyone, and we get to enjoy lunch together as a team. And when any of the management team attend our luncheon, our staff thoroughly enjoys that interaction with each of them.”

Management team members attended the luncheon including: Kevin Poyck, Group President – Hubbell Lighting, Jim Decker, Vice President – Residential Lighting, Andrea Chitwood, Director of Finance – Hubbell Lighting and Garth Warner, Vice President of Human Resources.