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What’s Trending In Residential Lighting Design

Using the Right Amount of Light for your Home

Sandy Hankins, owner and principal designer of SH Designs, talks about the importance of effective lighting throughout the home. Discover how to illuminate less prominent areas that are often overlooked, such as closets and hallways with these quick tips.

Create memorable spaces with unexpected lighting

Interior Designer Deidre LaVigne reveals a lighting trend that is taking shape in the residential design and home improvement industry – chandeliers in new and unexpected areas of the home. Learn how this trend can be applied to your home environment with this quick tip.

The biggest trend in designer-centric homes

Interior Designer Deidre LaVigne shares her expertise on how modern and contemporary styles have evolved in today’s most designer-focused homes. Learn how you can blend styles to create a beautiful home that embraces both livable and luxurious style elements for a harmonious design.

How to create ambiance in the home

Interior Designer Dy Lynne Dabney divulges expert style secrets for upping the ambiance factor in your home – without going over budget. With a few simple, low cost tricks, you can elevate your interior style and get the most out of your most-loved living spaces.

Should you mix metals in your interior design?

San Antonio Designer Dy Lynne Dabney shares her expert advice on how to achieve an urban, farmhouse kitchen style. Plus, learn how you should view mixing metals in your home environment. It’s all part of our Design Tips series!

Make your favorite kitchen design elements shine

Award-winning Interior Designer Dy Lynne Dabney shares the “unseen” benefits of incorporating undercabinet fixtures into your layered lighting plan. Learn how to emphasize distinct style elements and maximize functionality in your kitchen space with these quick designer tips!