Designer Series with Synergy Design & Construction – part 1 of 3

Photo courtesy of Synergy D&C, featuring a series of pendants from Progress Lighting

This week, we’re talking lighting trends with Emily Berg, Interior Designer for Synergy Design & Construction.  We love to keep in touch with professionals around the nation to see how designers achieve a vision for a particular project. Please join us over the next three days to read sections from our interview in our first-ever Designer Series.

Q: What considerations do you take into mind when selecting the lighting for a project?

A: First, especially in a remodel, we consider the style of any lighting or other fixtures that may be nearby, so that the look of the fixtures is continuous throughout the home.

Matching metal finishes is especially important so it doesn’t appear that fixtures were thoughtlessly added.

When narrowing down potential fixtures for a space, scale is also important. Drawing the actual sizes of the lighting on our plans, or modeling them in 3D, helps us to figure out, for example: how many pendants should be at an island, how high bath sconces should be mounted, and what diameter a foyer fixture should be depending on the ceiling height. Even if you find a great-looking fixture, if the scale is off, it looks inappropriate.

Q: How important is lighting to a project?

A: Lighting is crucial! First of all, because a poorly lit space is unpleasant and not functional. Even in a space without decorative light fixtures, it is extremely important to think through the amount of ambient light a space will receive, from recessed cans, etc.

Decorative lighting also makes a space look finished. It’s like art on the walls. It contributes to the interest of a room and can create a focal point.

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