Designer Series with Synergy Design & Construction – part 2 of 3

Photo courtesy of Synergy D&C, featuring a series of pendants from Progress Lighting

We’re continuing our conversation with Emily Berg, Interior Designer for Synergy Design & Construction during our Designer Series this week. Yesterday, we talked about how crucial lighting is in a design.

Today we share more details from our recent interview.

Q: How often is lighting the focal point of a room? Can you give an example?

A: Lighting can be a focal point in almost any room, public or private.

  • Kitchens, foyers, and bars are great examples of shared spaces that can showcase a special light fixture, such as a chandelier or pendant.
  • Bedrooms can also benefit from unique light fixtures. For example, a glamorous chandelier can add flair to a bedroom.
  • Focal point light fixtures in master baths are relatively unique, so when we install them for our clients, it really adds something special. Fixtures like this add personality to a home.

Layered lighting in a room also makes the space interesting and enjoyable.


Do you have a room where lighting serves as a main point of interest? We’d love to hear examples from our audience.

Stay tuned for our last blog post tomorrow, which wraps up our Designer Series interview with Synergy D&C.

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