Designer Spotlight: Citrine Living

One of our greatest joys is to watch designers use Progress Lighting to make their visions a reality. Tamara of Citrine Living does just that each time she incorporates our fixtures into a new space. Read on to be inspired by the latest designs for her beautiful porch, living room, and kitchen that also incorporate some of our favorite fixtures!

Featuring Crestwood pendant, image courtesy of Citrine Living

“The styling is exquisite and the scale is perfect. It’s a classic design with the look and feel of a traditional gas lantern and it suits our home perfectly. It’s exactly what I’ve envisioned here since the day we moved in.”

Tamara styled her front porch for the spring season with our Crestwood pendant. Using this single fixture adds an exterior focal point and gives an impactful first impression to guests as soon as they arrive. Tamara combines stone and brick elements, the dark door and shutters, and white columns to create a beautiful contrast in her entryway.

Featuring Cherish chandeliers, image courtesy of Citrine Living

 “Our long awaited living room lights have finally arrived and we couldn’t love them more! I wanted a whole different look than what we previously had in here – something clean-lined and sleek, but with a nod to the traditional at the same time.“

Instead of settling for a singular center fixture in her living area, Tamara took a different, more creative approach and chose two of our Cherish chandeliers to light this space. Just as in the entryway, she creates contrast in her design with dark wooden flooring, gray furniture and white shelving. The lighting mimics this theme with antique brass candles and a bright white shade.

Featuring Assembly Hall pendants, image courtesy of Citrine Living

“We couldn’t love these new lights more – their scale is perfect and I absolutely LOVE having two fixtures in here. My favorite element of these lights is the brass candle detail. The two-toned color is really beautiful, it brings an added dimension to our kitchen and matches our wall sconces perfectly.”

Tamara also chose to hang two pendants over her kitchen island to take the design to new level. She uses our beautiful Assembly Hall pendants to take this space from a soft, neutral kitchen to a stunning farmhouse, craftsman design.

Throughout her home, Tamara mixed metals, materials and color, and was able to blend everything together beautifully. She wanted something different for each space and mixing up the lighting in a room is an easy way to do just that! We love working with our designer partners to create stunning designs.

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