Designing Home Offices with Micamy Design Studio

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Michele Brown | Director of Micamy Design Studio

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Designing Home Offices
with Micamy Design Studio

If you read last week’s blog post on designer tips for your home office, you gained some valuable advice from some of our designer partners. Today we’re sharing more insight and our recent Q&A with Director of Micamy Design Studio Michele Brown! Read on for more ways to create a space that inspires and enhances productivity.
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Progress Lighting: How do you create a productive, inspiring work space for home offices?

Michelle: First, we focus on the desk to provide a functional working surface, and the second is storage. We love designing built-ins as a backdrop of the office, which provides additional storage and surface space for printers and such.

Progress Lighting: What fabrics, colors or textures are popular to incorporate in a home office?

Michelle: Micamy Design Studio’s principal has been a commercial interior designer for over 20 years and has designed thousands of square feet for office tenants. This helps us design out-of-the-box home offices. We like specifying reflective surfaces, which helps make the space feel larger.
Spirit chandelier shown.


Progress Lighting: What about lighting for the home office? How do you make sure the space looks great – but there is enough light where you need it for computer time, sketching, reading, etc.?

Michelle: We love using a statement chandelier in the office above a stately desk. Designer tip: we usually angle the desk towards the natural light from the windows for optimal lighting.

Progress Lighting: What are some ways you can quickly update a home office?

Michelle: Adding a built-in is the quickest way to really elevate your home office, whether it’s a built-in desk, or freestanding shelves!

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Images courtesy of Micamy Design Studio

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