Fabulous Fandeliers

What is a Fandelier?

A relative newcomer to the ceiling fan marketplace, fandeliers are unique ceiling fans designed with all the style of an overhead light. On the outside, fandeliers look like a pendant or chandelier – but their stylish frame encloses fan blades and a light source. By selecting a fandelier, you’ll never have to compromise on function over form again!

Just like a typical ceiling fan, fandeliers can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms or any room where a cooling breeze is needed. Their smaller, compact size makes them ideal for use in spaces like laundry areas. Plus, many of our fandeliers are damp rated, meaning they are ideal for covered outdoor areas like porches and indoors in the bath.

Our Favorite Fandeliers

Here’s a rundown of our latest fandelier styles that offer all the functions of a ceiling fan while maintaining a beautiful design aesthetic.


Briarwood brings vintage farmhouse detailing into the present day with a classic cross-brace pattern enclosing vintage-style bulbs and a trio of fan blades within its airy, open-frame design. Faux-painted wood accentuates Briarwood’s simple geometric form, adding a perfect touch of country character to various room settings.


The Belva ceiling fan offers an organic, global feel and coastal charm. A lattice-like design graces the natural wicker frame, and a lovely Cottage White finish gives charm and depth. A trio of fan blades and vintage-style bulbs within the frame’s woven structure moves air comfortably while casting a beautifully diffused glow.


Gulliver simultaneously cools and illuminates your farmhouse or seaside home. Three distressed faux wood bands wrap together to create a rustic, open-cage design that offers style while generating a revitalizing, cool breeze.


Sanford delivers ultra-powerful air movement and energy-efficient illumination packaged in a modern design. Its sleek aesthetic offers an urban industrial style that’s also ideal for cotemporary settings. A damp rating allows Sanford to be used in baths, laundry rooms, and outdoor covered areas.


Outfitted with stylish mixed metal elements, Loring exemplifies an industrial-inspired, open-cage design. Inside, four blades are anchored to a vintage-style base, offering a warehouse style with a modern edge.

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