Fashion vs. function? The most common mistake homeowners make when creating a lighting plan

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing one, it’s important to consider a lighting plan that will account for both fashionable and functional illumination. According to our Senior Product Designer James Thomas, this is the area where homeowners seem to struggle the most when designing a lighting plan.

According to Thomas, “It is important to consider both function and aesthetics when planning lighting for a home, but often one is neglected in favor of the other.”

Image featuring the Progress Lighting Nissé chandelier

Choosing Fashion

Oftentimes, fashion-oriented fixtures may lack the functional illumination needed to complete everyday tasks. If you find a decorative fixture – such as a chandelier adorned with opulent beads or pendant defined by striking graphic lines – that doesn’t give off a lot of light, be sure to supplement these pieces with recessed lighting.

Choosing Function

Similarly, a room lit to specification with unobtrusive fixtures might benefit from decorative pendants or sconces to add a little flair. Remember, there’s a reason lighting is considered the “jewelry of the home.” Lighting  fixtures can serve as a focal point or further the design scheme used in a room.

James Thomas puts it simply: “It is about finding a balance between lumen output and style, and different types of fixtures are needed to complete the package.”

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