Four Tips for Illuminating Your Home this Holiday Season

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’ve put together four tips to make the most of the lighting and decor inside – and outside – your home!

  • Incorporate layers of light. Consider adding multiple types of fixtures – such as chandeliers, recessed lighting and wall sconces – to add depth to the rooms where friends and family gather during the holidays.
  • Small changes = big difference. Minimal adjustments such as decorating existing fixtures or adjusting illumination to highlight holiday centerpieces will enhance a festive environment.
  • Make a first impression. Entryways are the first areas of a home to invite guests and set the tone for the rest of the interior. Lanterns and hanging fixtures can be functional, yet decorative, pieces that serve as the focal point in entry areas.
  • Illuminate your home’s exterior. Simple outdoor lighting techniques can make your home and yard look great and offer functional features during the holidays – and all year long. Lighting along paths and driveways enhances the overall theme of your outdoor space while preventing accidents in the dark.

We would love to hear about your holiday entertaining traditions – and how you plan to decorate and illuminate your home this season. Share your thoughts and questions in the Comments section!

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