Getting Clear on Lighting with Lance Smith (Part 1)

Our own Lance Smith, Manager of Builder Sales and Marketing, recently contributed to Best Practices Research Alliance’s “Getting Clear on Lighting” series. Check out the informational Q&A in this multi-part blog!

Q: You seem to agree that LEDs are the future, and that they’ll become mainstream faster than many predicted.

A: What we’re seeing in residential is LED technology that commercial has seen for a while now. We’ve reached the performance we need—12 watts for 1000 lumens. But the first question I get from a national builder when we meet is, “Has the price of LEDs come down?” We need to decrease the costs.

LEDs will continue to get cheaper, but because it’s a better technology, there’s a limit to how cheap it can get. Luckily there are other ways to reduce the price. For example, LEDs are so bright now, that we can reduce the number of them in a bulb and get the same effect. Their price will be more in line with fluorescent pricing five years down the road.

One kind of LED we think has special promise is the AC LED. (AC LED works on the alternating current of normal household current rather than requiring additional parts to use direct current.)  Commercial lighting has had this technology for a year. It reduces the cost and size of the LED bulb and gives better performance.

Progress is committed to the growth of LEDs. We’re introducing more LED products in outdoor styles, a new LED flushmount series, and we’re making our award-winning Bingo lighting series in AC LED now.

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