Getting Clear on Lighting with Lance Smith (Part 2)

Our own Lance Smith, Manager of Builder Sales and Marketing, recently contributed to Best Practices Research Alliance’s “Getting Clear on Lighting” series. Check out the informational Q&A in this multi-part blog!

Q: In your experience, what are the most important challenges builders face in lighting? And what can they do to respond?

A: Being off color. Builders should pay attention to the Kelvin, or temperature, of bulbs. We’ve found that a good range is between 2700-3500, and we try to keep it between there. But I’ve seen builders whose maintenance guys don’t know the difference, and they’re installing lights that are 3000, or 5000 Kelvin. That’s not going to be good lighting to most people. Colors are going to look off.

Here’s a suggestion: Builders should set a standard across their organization for what Kelvin of bulbs their homes should have, and where. For example, they could just do 2700 across the board, make it simple. That would save them a lot of problems.

I also see a lot of builders choose lighting that looks good in the model. But the model doesn’t usually have white walls, and the homes do. Pick lighting that is going to look good in the actual home you build.

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