Getting Clear on Lighting with Lance Smith (Part 3)

Our own Lance Smith, Manager of Builder Sales and Marketing, recently contributed to Best Practices Research Alliance’s “Getting Clear on Lighting” series. Check out the informational Q&A in this multi-part blog!

Q: You obviously think a lot about the importance of lighting. What do you tell builders to get them to think more about the role of lighting in their homes?

A: Right now, builders aren’t used to making lighting one of their priorities. They don’t see the value. They’re concerned with framing, HVAC, windows, keeping up with codes. But consumers perceive the value of a better lighting package as higher than its actual cost. Builders are missing out on an effective way to market their homes.

I like to say, “lighting is the jewelry of the home.” For very little money, builders can have a greater perceived value for their homes, and a lighting package doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective—the difference in home cost could be half a percentage point.

Recently, I was in a home that the builder had obviously put a lot of money into in terms of finishes and details. But then I went into the 14×14 walk-in closet, and there’s one fixture with 2 low-watt bulbs in it. It was too dark—you couldn’t tell the difference between navy blue, black and purple and brown. Closets are a woman’s favorite part of the house, aside from the kitchen, and that builder wasn’t capitalizing on that market.

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