Greenville team (and Product Designer Reid McFarlin) wins national soapbox race

You may recall in our recent designer spotlight that our very own Reid McFarlin has a portfolio of interests that extends well beyond developing award-winning, innovative lighting collections. In a recent interview, it came out that Reid is a true thrill-seeker who loves cruising down risky whitewater rafting routes and embarking on exciting outdoor escapades. This week, Reid’s spirit of adventure and innovation has earned him honors beyond the lighting industry. We’re excited to announce that Reid was recently part of the winning team for the national 2015 Red Bull Soapbox Race.


“The Red Bull Soapbox Race is an event for those who love adventure racing, have a sense of humor and are inspired and interested in showing off their skills and creativity in inventions,” said a recent article in the Greenville News. The winning team – the Grease Monkeys – took the top honor in front of a crowd of 65,000 people in Atlanta. They completed the 1,200 foot course in a winning time of 34.5 seconds.

The team of engineers and designers were judged on speed, creativity and showmanship – and their skit involving a rendition of the Funky Monkey crowned them the top spot in the national competition.

Please join us in congratulating Reid! To read the full story that appeared this week in the Greenville News, please visit