Here’s what’s trending in residential lighting

According to our Director of Product Development David Peek, lighting is no longer the secondary player in the room. Lighting can serve as a focal point or functional work of art in almost any area of the home – and designers, homeowners and home improvement experts are taking notice. Better Homes and Gardens Editor Samantha Hart puts it simply – “Lighting defines the tone of the space.” In a recent video on the top lighting trends of 2016, Samantha shares that hand-crafted fixtures, modern designs and LED lights are defining today’s most up-to-date residential interiors. Catch the recap in the short video below.

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Additionally, we were honored to be asked by Samantha to participate in a follow up interview where our very own David Peek highlights what’s new from Progress Lighting and how our 2016 collections complete the most-wanted looks by homeowners of every style and budget. Here, David shares how lighting is being used in unexpected ways and how you can use bold fixtures to make a statement in your favorite rooms of the home. Tune in to the full interview!

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