High Performance Lighting for the Home: Part 2

As we discussed in our first High Performance Lighting post, HPL is the use of excellent quality lighting that is also energy efficient. Installing HPL in your home can provide a beautiful atmosphere while decreasing your carbon footprint. So just how do you go about applying this type of lighting to your home?

There are three different ways to provide HPL in your living areas:

1) Changing the lamps (bulbs) – In this strategy, high efficiency replacement  CFL or LED lamps are substituted for incandescent lamps in all of the fixtures of the house.

2) Changing the fixtures – This process does not require any new design, but does require that all traditional fixtures in the house are replaced with high efficiency light fixtures. High efficiency fixture types include CFL, tubular fluorescent, and LED.

3) Changing the design – While this approach may seem like the most daunting, it is the most rewarding and effective way to employ HPL. The best way to achieve this design is by incorporating as much hard-wired fluorescent and LED lighting as possible to minimize the amount of portable lighting needed. The design should use the three types of lighting styles covered in our previous post: ambient, task and accent.

These are three simple steps that you could take to make your home more cost and energy efficient while providing more effective lighting. Would you consider applying HPL strategies in your home?

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