High Performance Lighting for the Home: Part I

Most new homes come equipped with only the minimum lighting fixtures needed to meet building safety code requirements, with little attention paid to energy efficiency. That means it’s the homeowner’s responsibility (that means you!) to hire a lighting designer or create a plan to beautifully illuminate your home with efficient fixtures.

Progress Lighting - Ambient Lighting ApplicationBut rest assured, we will show you how to select and install High Performance Lighting (HPL) for maximum benefits in this blog series.

First, let’s take a look at different layers of illumination HPL can provide:

  • Ambient – light needed for the basic occupancy of rooms
  • Task – illumination for specific tasks, specifically in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Accent – lighting used for visual relief, attraction and emphasis

HPL is best implemented in all interior rooms of the home, as well as outdoors to reduce energy consumption.

Do you use High Performance Lighting fixtures or methods in your home? If so, what differences have you seen in energy efficiency and quality?

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