Holiday lighting inspiration!

Thanks to @jamoore100 for sharing her "cork tree" with her Twitter followers! It's made entirely out of corks!

No matter what time of year, people can always express their unique personalities through lighting designs within the home.

And even though we’re only a week into December, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the variety of holiday decorations, accents and lighting around neighborhoods, parks and businesses.

Here at Hubbell, we definitely got into the spirit and decorated our entryways, walkways and foyers all with different variations of lighting and designs. (Check out our Facebook page to view pictures from the “Very Hubbell holiday album”!)

Sometimes people ask us our advice on how to make the most of holiday lighting, and we’re happy to share our thoughts.

Some effective ways to set a festive ambience during the holidays:

  • Replace a chandelier’s crystal teardrops with gold, silver or red glass balls.
  • Use berries or ivy to wrap around sconces, chandeliers and pendants.
  • Point track heads towards a holiday centerpiece, Christmas tree or other decoration to cast shadows and enhance a casually sophisticated environment.

Decorating your indoor areas during the holidays:

Adding black shades to a favorite chandelier can be a great way to decorate for a New Year’s Eve celebration. (Shades and chandelier from Progress Lighting's Roxbury collection.)
  • Switch up shades in sconces and chandeliers with different colors, like red, grey or black.
  • Red fabric shades can complement Christmas decorations in the living room, black paper with silver lining shades are ideal for New Year’s celebrations and grey metallic chiffon shades can also highlight other holiday lights.

In the foyer or living room:

  • Mix and match flexible, adjustable trackheads and mini-pendants to showcase holiday items on display that make your home unique.  Trackheads and mini-pendants are available in a wide variety of color options, as well, to complement the color theme in your home.

In the dining room:

  • Add more light to a festive centerpiece or a holiday meal, aim adjustable halogen  recessed fixtures directly on the tabletop.

Do you have any traditions when it comes to holiday lighting? What about a fun, unique accent piece (much like @jamoore100’s cork tree)?  Let us know, we’d love to see how you light up your holiday season!

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