Houzz Survey reveals rise of the “super kitchen” – the most functional room of the home

The leading platform for home remodeling and design, Houzz, recently conducted a survey with 2,400 U.S. homeowners who are in the middle of or recently completed a kitchen renovation. The results showed a fascinating rise of the “super kitchen” – a space that not only serves multiple purposes, but incorporates features, functions and decor that are more traditionally found in other areas of the home. Houzz concluded that homeowners are using the kitchen for way more than cooking and baking.

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Beazer Homes | Fresnel Pendants


  • #1: The functionality of the kitchen – maximized.

The survey also found that 69% of homeowners are using the kitchen for eating and dining, while nearly half named the kitchen as a key area for entertaining (49%) and socializing (43%). With more than two-thirds of respondents committing more than 3 hours of their day in the kitchen, other functions of the kitchen include:

  • – 25% used as a homework space
  • – 19% used to watch television
  • – 14% used to read

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  • #2: Open concept design reigns.

More than half of renovating homeowners are redesigning kitchen areas to be more open to other living areas – such as outdoor spaces (18%). This trend further blurs the lines between a distinctive area for cooking, giving way to a space that is increasingly used for a variety of everyday activities typically reserved for other areas of the home.

Glass Pendants | Project by Synergy Design + Construction
Glass Pendants | Project by Synergy Design + Construction
  • #3: Dining and living room features are now found in kitchens.

Whether it’s dining tables (25%), chandeliers (23%) or televisions (14%) – home features that are typically thought of as the defining elements of dining and living areas are making their way into the kitchen. Other customized amenities and features include wine refrigerators and built-in coffee/tea stations. Furthermore, hardwood flooring and personalized cabinetry have grown in prevalence for kitchen renovators.

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Prismatic Glass Pendants
  • #4: Neutral color schemes support timeless style.

A neutral color palette has been leading the way in home design for the last several years – in nearly all areas of the home. Shades of beige, gray and white are top choices for walls, while white and medium-light wood are still trending for cabinets.