How to achieve an industrial look with lighting

Achieving an industrial look with lighting

Vintage, industrial looks are making their way into today’s most on-trend interior settings. When done right, interior designs with an industrial influence can create a sophisticated atmosphere with distinctive character. Attention-to-detail is key with this design style – and a good place to start is your lighting fixtures. Lighting has the ability to transform your home environment. If you are thinking about trying out an industrial design scheme, consider the following lighting design tips.

Achieve an industrial look with lighting

  • Prismatic glass shades to evoke vintage appeal – Fixtures with prismatic glass give nod to a previous age. When paired with classic forms and current finishes, this vintage style becomes surprisingly relevant to today’s industrial interiors.
  • Select fixtures with knob and strap details – Careful details such as knobs and straps bring to life a spirit of craftsmanship.
  • Consider mixing metals – Mixing metals within the same fixture (as seen above with Progress Lighting’s Swing and Archives collections) gives off a warehouse vibe.
  • Use exposed Edison bulbs – Exposed bulbs are extremely popular today. To give this trend an industrial flair, Edison filament bulbs offer a unique look.

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