How to Choose Your Vanity Lights

Choosing proper lighting for your bathroom vanity is one of the most important steps in the design process. Our friends at Riverbend Home share all you need to know about lighting your bathroom. Perfectly illuminate the room where you start and end your day with these tips contributed by Casey Makovich.

Consider placement

Our experts say that placement of your vanity lighting fixtures is key. Light fixtures placed on either side of your bathroom mirror or medicine cabinet at eye level provide the best task lighting. For extra light, double vanities, or large mirrors, combine side lights with an additional fixture above the mirror.

Keep Proportion in Mind

For a light above the mirror, choose a fixture that does not exceed the width of your vanity. With longer double sink vanities, consider choosing two separate overhead lighting fixtures rather than one long one.

Style and finish

Choose lighting fixtures that complement the décor style you’ve established throughout your bath and the rest of your home. When it comes to finish, your safest bet is to stick to the same finish used for other fixtures in your bath. However, if you have a knack for mixing and matching or are working with a decorator, your lighting fixtures can be a great place to incorporate the mixing metals design trend.

Safety is key

As always, when it comes to electrical wiring near sources of water, be sure to check your local codes and/or hire a professional electrician. They will be able to give recommendations on placement of lights, product specifications, and types of outlets required.

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This guest post was written by Casey Makovich, a Writer and Social Media Coordinator for Riverbend Home.

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