How to create spa-like bathroom experiences: Tips from Toll Lifestyle TV

This week, our partner Toll Brothers launched “Toll Lifestyle TV” – an online channel which offers a glimpse into the personal lives, homes, and communities of real Toll Brothers homeowners. Each episode is full of useful advice – from recipes and healthy living to design tips from top interior designers.

A recent episode gives great insight into how to create a bathroom that translates into spa experiences every day of the week. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind during the process of designing your master bath.

1. Select a customized floor plan to create a space you love. Interior Designer Travis Rotelli suggests putting a tub in front of a window to create a focal point, and to take advantage of the natural light to make for a soothing atmosphere.

Note: Add in blinds that move halfway up and down for privacy around the tub area.

2. Privatize the toilet. Rotelli suggests putting the toilet in its own room, or behind a small partition wall.

3. Consider the users of your vanity area. Plan your vanity height based on those who will be using the space most regularly, and adjust accordingly.

To view the full episode visit the Toll Lifestyle TV homepage.

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