How to decorate an awe-inspiring formal living area

Orchestrating the elements of a room can be a playful and creative endeavor. Embrace color, comfort and luxe – and a variety of styles – in order to express your personal vision of home.

Columbia Living Room - EDITED
Image courtesy of Toll Brothers featuring Piedmont


  • Formal + Casual Elements:  Mix formal and casual elements like a metallic vase with a handful of flowers in delightful disarray.


  • Reflections: Whether a mirror, a glass inset top or polished silver accent, elements that reflect light add sparkle to a room.


  • Color: Think of your room as a blank canvas, one that you can paint with color, light and form. It’s not one thing, but the composition that brings a room to life.


  • Baroque + Simple Styles: Elegant molding can be paired with simplistic furniture designs with smooth forms and clean edges.