How-To: DIY Bathroom Lighting Update

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How-To: DIY Bathroom Lighting Update

With a new year comes a sense of renewal and restoration. As you begin to clear the clutter and focus on goals for 2017, take some time to tend to your home and the spaces you most often use! This quick DIY weekend project is the perfect way to refresh your bathroom without investing a lot of time and energy.

008_RPAL_3_18_14_Wvrly_920Image courtesy of Toll Brothers featuring Inspire bath & vanity.

Today we’ll walk through the process of switching out a bath & vanity fixture in less than ten minutes. Let’s get started!

Before beginning, consider sizing guidelines when choosing your new bathroom light. The length of the fixture should not exceed the width of your vanity cabinet. Progress Lighting offers a wide variety of bath & vanity lights – explore all of our sizes, finishes and styles here.

WestPointHomesInviteImage courtesy of West Point Homes featuring Invite bath & vanity.
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For this project, be sure to stock your toolbox with a stepladder, screwdriver, wire connectors, electrical tape and your fixture with its mounting hardware.
Image courtesy of Beazer Homes featuring Nissé bath & vanity.

Step 1: Turn off the power at your breaker box. Once you’ve stopped electricity flow through your wires, you can remove the old light fixture and mounting hardware.

Step 2: Attach your new mounting bracket into the junction box using your screwdriver and the screws provided, then pull the wires through the opening.

Step 3: Time to wire your new lighting! Match the white wire from the fixture with the white wire from the wall and twist them together with a wire connector. Repeat this process with the black wire.

Step 4: Twist the copper ground wire from the wall around the green screw. Then, connect with the matching copper wire from the light fixture using a wire connector. Secure all wires with a layer of electrical tape. Pull the wires into the opening in the junction box.

Step 5: Mount your new fixture onto the bracket & tighten the screws. Add your glass globes and screw in the light bulbs.

Step 6: Almost done – turn on the power in your breaker box and flip the light switch on, then take a step back to admire your work!

Layered lighting is key in your master bathroom. Consider adding recessed lighting, wall sconces, or a close-to-ceiling or decorative chandelier to create a pleasing and functional design.

Refreshing your lighting can give a fresh, new look to a room with one small change! What other home projects will you be working on this year? Be sure to check out our Design Guide for more inspiration.

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