How to enhance safety and security with exterior lighting

Daylight savings has come and gone, and as we near the shortest day of the year, the lack of sunlight increases the need for a thoughtful exterior lighting plan that keeps your family and guests safe. While the spring and summer seasons call for outdoor fixtures that enhance the atmosphere for outdoor entertaining, it’s important to not forgo the role that outdoor lighting plays in securing your home.

In determining the best outdoor lighting plan for your landscape, consider the following guidelines for outdoor safety:

  • Create a plan or diagram, determine spacing and configuration and count the number of fixtures needed to adequately light all areas of your home’s exterior.
  • Determine your fixture type for each area. Select from step lights, spread lights, accent lights and decorative fixtures.
  • Consider your personal aesthetic style before settling on the design of your fixtures.
  • Don’t forget to install lighting along paths and driveways. This can enhance the overall theme of your outdoor space while preventing accidents after dark.

Remember, a well-lit yard can be an excellent crime prevention method, and fixtures designed specifically for security, like motion sensors, can add extra protection and convenience.

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