Hubbell Lighting honored with internship award

Our parent company, Hubbell Lighting, is proud to accept an Outstanding Community Internship Program (CIP) Employer of the Year award for 2010-2011.  Awarded by the University of South Carolina, winning criteria included providing interns with a diverse learning and training experience led by exceptional company managers.  There is no doubt that Hubbell Lighting has just that!

Fun facts about the Hubbell Lighting Internship Program include:

  • Interns have the opportunity to work on real projects in a team-based atmosphere.  Doing so gives them real world experience.
  • Interns are required to prepare a formal presentation to the executive team concluding the program.  This allows them to get comfortable with the executive world, as we are confident they will be an integral part of it soon.

Interested in joining Hubbell Lighting and seeing what all of the talk is about?  Check out for opportunities that just might light up your life and resume.

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